Hello. We’re the men from Circle Pines you’ve heard so much about.

Established in 1939, Circle Pines Cooperative has been dedicated to producing successful students in a safe, constructive environment at Purdue University for nearly 80 years.  Circle Pines brings together a diverse collection of individuals that become one house of brothers and foster a unique college living experience. Our close to 60 members work together to cook, clean, and govern for themselves with little outside influence. This cooperative-style living teaches members life skills while also enabling them to have a very affordable housing option. Circle Pines also provides many opportunities for members to acquire and demonstrate leadership skills through various house leadership roles/positions. Members also often participate in different campus activities together such as intramural sports, student organizations, and volunteer activities. Most importantly, Circle Pines provides members with a supportive network of brothers, creating friendships that last a lifetime.

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